The Bruschetta Place

My favorite Bruschetta Place (Caffè or Snack Bar) just closed. The owners are taking a well-deserved retirement after years of good work.


It was a simple place, it’s name was Bar Ribolla Gialla, but the owners—a husband and wife—excelled in preparing bruschetta (pronounce that BrusKetta, not Brush-etta. It has nothing to do with brushes!)

I gathered there before theater with some friends; hence we also got the first review of the piece we were going to see.

Like: Good! Meh…, Horrible! Awfully long!


And we chose our own bruschetta then to share among their offerings, which were:

  • Bruschetta with mushrooms
  • With Gorgonzola and walnuts
  • With aubergines
  • With zucchini
  • With asparagus
  • With tomatoes and basil
  • With prosciutto

They claimed that the good results were due to the special oven they had, which delivered a special crispness.

Probably, but Bruschetteare always worth a try at home.

All we need is the good basics: sliced bread from a loaf of Tuscan bread, good Extra Virgin Olive Oil,

Garlic, fresh basil, thyme, plus any of the above ingredients and some creativity.


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