It’s “Hugo” now!

“Hugo” is the new must try aperitivo now in Italy. It is the other option to the most famous Spritz Aperol, now made even more famous by the NYT article “There’s a Reason You’re Drinking So Much Aperol Spritz

Hugo was created by a certain Mr. Gruber in Trento (Trentino Alto Adige region), who decided to add mint and elderflower syrup to the sparkling Prosecco.

Actually, the idea of adding aroma to Prosecco is not quite new. Peaches and berries always made a pleasant drink in hot summer evenings.

Add some club soda and ice for a simple “spritz.” A refreshing drink with low alcohol for summer.

But enough talking, here is the original recipe of Hugo cocktail.

15 cl of prosecco

2 cl of elderflower syrup

Club Soda sprays

Two mint leaves

1 slice of lemon or lime


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