Kitchen Literature

I have many, many cooking books and magazines. I started my collection many years ago when still single, but willing to learn from the most basics. Since I didn’t exactly knew much back then.

Ok, I could already make a pizza, gnocchi, polenta, risotto maybe. But it was the sophistication that I lacked.

How to make a good tomato sauce, how to make a soufflé, how to make a perfect roast beef.

I started with these 10 volumes that I bought one each month. So I had the time to learn each volume (or almost), before I got the next.

Then I started with the very popular magazines “Sale & Pepe”. Eventually I moved to the USA and I soon found plenty of incentives to collect more.

Later on I donated many of the “Sale & Pepe” magazines to an Italian/American chef. I only kept the ones I liked the most.

Now I am again minimizing my library. I am going thru many of them and keeping the most inspiring, and significant.

I do look up many things in line, but I do love those magazines with all their inviting photographs.

The “for keeping” are:

1. The 10 volumes, because they have all the classics, done the right way, no shortcuts;

2. A choice of “La Cucina Italiana” magazines for their sophistication. Most are in English;

3. The 5 from William & Sonoma Maybe.

4. “The Cooks Guide to Pasta” is one of the best books on pasta I have ever read. And is from the USA!

5. “The Flavor Bible” is a must have.

6. “Cooking for yourself” (not pictured), is a beautiful book that came very handy many times.

All others will be donated (I’m sure I forgot to list a few!)


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