Kitchen Literature

I have many, many cooking books and magazines. I started my collection many years ago when still single, but willing to learn from the most basics. Since I didn’t exactly knew much back then.

Ok, I could already make a pizza, gnocchi, polenta, risotto maybe. But it was the sophistication that I lacked.

How to make a good tomato sauce, how to make a soufflé, how to make a perfect roast beef.

I started with these 10 volumes that I bought one each month. So I had the time to learn each volume (or almost), before I got the next.

Then I started with the very popular magazines “Sale & Pepe”. Eventually I moved to the USA and I soon found plenty of incentives to collect more.

Later on I donated many of the “Sale & Pepe” magazines to an Italian/American chef. I only kept the ones I liked the most.

Now I am again minimizing my library. I am going thru many of them and keeping the most inspiring, and significant.

I do look up many things in line, but I do love those magazines with all their inviting photographs.

The “for keeping” are:

1. The 10 volumes, because they have all the classics, done the right way, no shortcuts;

2. A choice of “La Cucina Italiana” magazines for their sophistication. Most are in English;

3. The 5 from William & Sonoma Maybe.

4. “The Cooks Guide to Pasta” is one of the best books on pasta I have ever read. And is from the USA!

5. “The Flavor Bible” is a must have.

6. “Cooking for yourself” (not pictured), is a beautiful book that came very handy many times.

All others will be donated (I’m sure I forgot to list a few!)

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

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