Saving Plastic by Making your own Yogurt

I take great pleasure in making my own yogurt. It is easy to do, and I find it more tasty and natural than the store-bought one.

There are many recipes on the internet on how to do it. I found this guide from the New York Times very useful.

I do not own the special “yogurt machine”, the only utensil I bought was the digital instant-read thermometer.

I buy the best milk available, and the most natural yougurt as starter. I use glass cans, and sometimes my little “cocottes” just to add a pretty touch. Once done as explained in the link, I put everything in the oven overnight, with only the light on and no heat. In the morning I put them in the refrigeratore where it thicken as it chills, and it’s ready.

It tastes light, fresh, and delicious; sometimes I add a teaspoon of honey, but seldom. I’m usually not interested in adding jams or granola.

I calculated that with about $3.50 I can have yougurt for about 10 days. But aside from the economic point of view, what makes me feel good is that I do not have all those plastic cans. Although recycling is pretty active in Europe, I do prefer not to buy plastic.

EU new rules to reduce marine litter.

This is just one way to do my part.


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