“Tacchinella” for Thanksgiving

After so many years in the US, I cannot ignore Thanksgiving. I do celebrate it always no matter where I am and with whom.

I had Thanksgiving in Stockholm once. It was challenging to find all the ingredients necessary to a proper Thanksgiving dinner, but it was nevertheless successful.

In Italy it is relatively easier to find a turkey, because it is a traditional Christmas dish. Better yet, we do favor “tacchinella“, which is a smaller female turkey. I must say that it was absolutely delicious!

I prepared it following the best American tradition. I stuffed it, I had stuffing on the side, I made oven-baked potatoes with sour cream because they are perceived as more “American” than the familiar mashed potatoes.

And of course I made the pumpkin pie. There is no thanksgiving without it.

However, in these occasions I do miss the USA, I don’t know what it is, but it is a very special day and I used to get a very special feeling that day.

Happy thanksgiving to all.

🍁 🦃 🍁 🦃


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