Coffe at Home

Once upon a time it used to be simple. After even most formal dinner with guests at home, the question was simple: “would you like some coffe?

The answer was as simple: either yes or not.

Well not anymore!

Because now there is Nespresso with its many choices. Ristretto, Lungo, or decaffeinated? Vivalto or Dharkan? From Indonesia, Colombia, or Ethiopia? Or cold with almond syrup?


Now with the ”Aeroccino,” the new Nespresso milk frother, we can offer cappuccino, macchiato, macchiato Lungo, and all the variations that were once only available at the nearest coffee bar.

Pretty soon, do we need to also draw the heart ♥️ or smiling face 🙂 on the froth like the professional baristas are doing?

Stay tuned!

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

9 thoughts on “Coffe at Home

  1. I’m an old fashioned mocha espresso drinker. However I finally ventured into the 21th century and bought a small Nespresso and refillable cups so I can now have my caffè decaffeinato, which is more or less required. 😢

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    1. I think the old Moka was wonderful, with his “omino coi baffi!”
      I miss that gurgling sound of the coffe coming up and the aroma spreading around.
      Unfortunately, both here and on my last residence in DC, I had and have the electric stove. 😦
      I’m getting used to it fir cooking, especially because they are being improved somehow. But not enough to make your mocha coffe in the morning. It takes “damm” forever! So, I calculated my costs and decided that a Nespresso machine is a better choice.
      In the USA I used to go all the way to Bethesda to recycle my pods, at first at a place called “sur la table”, eventually the Nespresso boutiques started to do it.
      And I like it (it used to be inside Bloomingdales:-) they recycled your pods and offered you a coffe. Not bad. It was more difficult to walk away from Bloomies without spending more money in the latest trend.
      Here too they recycle, and that makes me feel good about my pods.

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