Italian Outlets

Oh, yes we have them, and many too. If you go you will find yourself in a familiar environment. They are all planned on American blueprints. Ikea is the best, you can spot it from far away and once you get to the parking lot, you won’t need directions, everything is tel-quel as in the US. Same-same!

Although sales are all over town now, I decided to visit one of the outlets nearby.

Noventa di Piave Outlet

The McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Noventa di Piave you will find the most prestigious designer labels in the world, with price reductions of 35% to 70% all year round. Located just 40 km from Venice.

They have all the best brands; Armani, Valentino, Versace, Burberry, Loro Piana, Escada, Fratelli Rossetti, Ferragamo. You get the idea!

Well, I wasn’t the only one to have such an idea! The parking lot was so big and crowded that I had to ask for help in retrieving my car afterwards.

Other than the names I mentioned there are many more, but I never make it to see more than the first few. It is also possible to choose where to eat among many offerings, from pizzas, to traditional Italian, to burgers, popcorn, and so on.

Below is a list of outlets in Italy, wherever you’ll be in italy there will be one near by.

Barberino Designer Outlet, Near Florence.

Brenner Outlet Center. Designer Outlet Brenner sits just near the border of Italy and Austria.

Castel Guelfo The Style Outlets. The Castel Guelfo the Style Outlets, near Bologna

Castel Romano Designer Outlet. Near Rome

Cilento Outlet Village. Near Salerno

Citta Sant’Angelo Outlet Village. Near Pesaro

Fidenza Village Outlet. Fidenza Village outlet Malls is situated in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, within an hour’s drive of both Milan and Bologna.

Franciacorta Outlet Village. South of the Alps in the region of Lombardy, near Brescia Montichiari Airport.

La Reggia Designer Outlet. About 20 minutes away from the city center of Naples.

Mantova Outlet Village. Just a short ride away from Rome, resembles a town, more than a shopping mall.

Mondovicino Outlet Village. Mondovicino Outlet Village was built in 2007 and is located not far away from popular destinations such as Turin and Genoa.

Puglia Outlet Village. Located in Molfetta, province of Bari

Sardinia Outlet Village. Province of Cagliari in Sardinia

Sicily Outlet Village. On the island of Sicily off the south western ‘toe’ of Italy in the province of Enna.

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

5 thoughts on “Italian Outlets

    1. What I forgot to write here is that the big one such as this and the one in Florence are tuned to foreigners. The personnel speak fluent English, many (almost the majority) are Chinese-mother tongue. Directions and everything is in English. There are so many foreigners shopping that one really wonders how come we don’t have a stronger economy.
      (Well I actually know why…, and it has nothing to do with shopping 😒🙁)

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  1. …alas, and much like the US blueprint— we pay for the roads, the ports, give tax credits for the builders and sell the land cheap while the ‘scatole cinesi’ ownership companies don’t pay taxes, basically, and though say they give income and jobs…. they merely replace higher paying jobs and tax-paying (we’re in Italy. It’s relative, of course) owners in the center with lower paying ones. The outlet in Citta Sant’Angelo has been a disaster for the village above. From 5 good pizzerias and other local eateries and tiny boutiques… to 2, and many closed of the rest. One should make such outlets fair, allow for real competition, even uneven one (one multipliers are taken into account… they are about as disastrous in their smaller ways as, say, when a city wins on a bid for the Olympics. A few rich get quickly richer, a short local boom in the economy, then city finances ruined, eventually places like these abondandoned and demolished. Take a ride around most US cities not in hubs, ie exclude SF or NYC, see more… Cleveland, Detroit, rust belt and others… littered with empty malls. Sorry for the rant. Cta. Sant’Angelo, though its been a few years, has a place in my heart…


    1. I agree with you. Outlets—perhaps not this particular one—and (especially) “Centri Commerciali” killed the city life. I avoid them like hell on weekends, and only go there when I really need to, like monthly grocery shopping.
      I did this post because outlets are now a reality of “Life in Italy “.

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