I like tulips a lot.

I love to have a bouquet of fresh tulips every week, and every week a different color, although I tend to settle on the yellow and orange ones. 

But all other colors all glorious. I like to go to the open market on Saturdays and see what they propose for that week.

One thing I must say though, I love tulips NOW. I don’t like to see them in December when we are distracted with more Christmas-es-type-of-flowers/decorations. 

Tulips are a harbinger of spring with their heady stalks and lively blooms, they send a message of happiness and confidence. They mean that Spring is just around the corner.

A symbol of abundance, they also became quite expensive and a symbol of luxury in Europe. Tulips were the very first “economic bubble” causing an economic crash in the 1600’s when people in the Netherlands were trading in tulips. Valued at thousands of dollars per bulb and as the price of tulips further increased, inflation occurred. This caused an economic crash, with many losing their flower fortunes overnight.

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

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