Stockholm: Fotografiska

Fotografiska Museum is Stockholm Non-Museum!

One place [museum] that one can always visit and find it always new is the Fotografiska Museum in Södermalm, one of the many islands of Stockholm.

I like it because Fotografiska is a centre for contemporary photography in Stockholm, Sweden. Despite its name, it is not a museum because it has no collections, does not conduct research and is for-profit. Since I travel often to Stockholm, I never miss a visit, and it’s worth it because there is always something new, to look at, enjoy, and (for me) to learn.

Presently, in exhibition works by Alison Jackson, Anja Niemi, Jesper Waldersten.

Alison Jackson

The most contemptuous. Royals, politicians and celebrities – no one is safe from Alison Jackson’s humorous photographic antics in the exhibition Truth is Dead at Fotografiska Stockholm. For some reasons I could not record with my own camera some images that (maybe) for me were too close to a certain unpalatable reality. They can be seen here.

Anja Niemi

Anja Niemi (b. 1976, Oslo, Norway) is a creator of elaborate fictions. At once artist and subject, she reimagines the genre of self-portraiture through photographic tableaux-vivants. Very womanly and polished immages. I was captured by the consideration and research behind every picture. Something that is often missing in my images that are a mere document oftentimes.

Jesper Waldersten

An unruly visual artists. Waldersten’s universe is his own, albeit with a fair amount of black humour, in this exhibition called Waldersten All Over, he offers an intimate insight into his creative process.

All three artists works were interesting for completely different rationales. For me Photography is the art of real life—however manipulated. And real life creates true art.

So, really, fine art photography runs opposite to what most of us think when we use a camera. Most amateur photographers use their cameras to document important events and capture memories without artistic motivation.

Instead, a distinguishing feature of fine art photography is that recording a subject is not the main purpose. These artists use photography as a means to express their vision and make an artistic statement.

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