We Are All French

850 years of history gone!

Too sad and appalled!

Quoting Michelle Obama:

I will never forget the first time I walked into the Notre Dame Cathedral. I was a teenager on a school trip to Paris. It was my very first international trip, and until then, I hadn’t seen much outside of the South Side neighborhood I grew up in. But the majesty of Notre Dame—the history, the artistry, the spirituality—took my breath away. The feeling was almost indescribable—a place that lifts you to a higher understanding of who we are and who we can be. Every time I’ve visited in the years since, including as First Lady, I felt the same thing.

So being here in Paris tonight, my heart aches with the people of France. Yet I know that the Notre Dame I experienced all those years ago, as so many others have over the centuries, will soon awe us again.

Pictures to remenber



      1. …hm. Less the leaders than ease of undoing. In the US Italy and the west generally, populations have begun to express, rather nobly in different ways, what we tend toward as a species. (In the US we voted for an idealistic black man, astonishing, and a party platform of belonging. In Italy and Great Britain, despite likely your and certainly most mainstream media’s depictions, people voted for place and again belonging. Alas in the first case, we actually voted for another Harvard lawyer with in the best case a quite limited intellect, at the worst a largely indifferent, personally ambitious political pawn – the day he announced his staff I could feel my remaining ball tumble and crumble – Larry Summers? Are you kidding? In the later… most actually voted for, well, what quickly turned or returned to an unpresentable, utterly corrupt, misogynist, northern party of… even physically malformed… burps, (io invece per l’ovvio, l’inutile ma con l’unica figura che si presentava informata e cooerente. Poi lui e calvo come me…) But in our mesolithic – the new naming is questionable. The change is more of measure than effect – we’re heading for the norm in terms of distribution, maybe already there in financial terms, and result, ahime. Only this time it’s global.


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