April come she will 🎶

Ready for Easter? I am!

Easter in Italy is a big affair because we have also Easter Monday as a holiday. It once was my favorite day because of the traditional picnic that takes place that day—often ruined by rain though. 😕😌

But I also loved Easter because as a child I (likely, … if not passed down from my older siblings), used to get new springy clothes and new shoes too!

Easter though brings the blooms, the new fresher food, longer days, and a nice table setting. Easter is here now and what’s best to celebrate but with a table with the pastel colors of spring.

On a visual level, the delicate alchemy of colors represents a welcome to spring capable of warming the hearts of the people with whom we will choose to spend these moments of celebration, while outside spring is reborn and the sun returns to shine.

Typical Easter Dishes

Pasta with fresh vegetables, such as asparagus, I will make Crepes with Asparagus this year.

Usually Lamb appears on the table at Easter, but this year I pass, and instead, I’ll make Vitello Tonnato.

The one dish that spells Easter is Torta Pasqualina. A savory quiche with spinach, ricotta cheese, and eggs. Follow the recipe here:

There is no Easter without Torta Pasqualina

I will make a fruit cake with strawberries this year—it is called “crostata” in Italian and it can feature many types of fruit, including jam.

Strawberries Crostata

Italian Products

Then there is one sweet that never miss the Easter table; it is the Easter Dove. These cakes can be bought store ready, although many Pasticcerie around town sell freshly made cakes that are really delicious.

Following the original recipe, Panzera Milano has realized a dove with a long leavening of 24 hours. Protected by a crunchy almond and sugar crust, it remains soft and light inside (for sale at Panzera Milan stores in Viale Monte Santo 10 and Piazza Luigi di Savoia 1/9, price € 34 per kg).

Last but not least the chocolate Easter Egg. There are many for sale at any price, from the classics with the big colorful wrapping to the ones from a Pasticceria there are often nicely decorated, and with premium ingredients.

Perugina is one of the leading manufactures of chocolate products, already well known because of the famous “Baci Perugina.” This Egg is filled in fact with the famous “Baci” and the love messages that accompany each chocolate cookie.

Domori’s Criollo cocoa egg is made using the rarest fine cocoa ever. Inside there is a small treasure chest containing mini gianduiotti with Criollo cocoa and vanilla (150 gr. – recommended price to the public € 24).

Wishing All a very happy Easter!

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

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