GoT it’s [almost] Immediately International

Well the conversation about GoT goes back & forth across the Atlantic. Who can stop talking about it?

GoT latest episodes are available in Italy via Sky Atlantic in streaming. By the 3:00 am (yes that’s right, the dead of the night!), the latest episode is available. I—however—wait until the Monday evening because I enjoy TV better after sundown.

Meanwhile, I have funny conversations with my son like: “do not open Facebook until you watch the last episode, it is full of spoilers!” With several ‼️‼️ to make the urgent point.

In any case I am up-to-date with the TV series of the year. Therefore here are my “female” remarks:

Episode 2—leading to the war. Everyone is trying to spend what they fear is their last night as best and most meaningful as they can. It was almost my absolutely favorite episode so far.

No. 1 is Arya Stark, always true to her personality. I loved it also because I always thought there was a feeling between Gendry and her. I’m expecting something more out of it, perhaps because I noticed that Arya was pleased in knowing that Gendry is actually a Baratheon, albeit a bastard, not just any blacksmith no matter how talented.

But Is he really a bastard? On season 1, episode 1, there is a contrite Cersei telling Lady Stark that she had a son prematurely taken from her, and then a Jaime and Tyrion conversation saying that Cersei was particularly skilled in using the truth to lie some more. So who knows.

No. 2. I like the triangle Jaime-Brienne-Tormund. Questions:

– would they all die, or

– Jaime saving Brienne

– Tormund saving Brienne

– Brienne saving Jaime

– Jaime and Brienne ending up together—well there is a growing feeling, already there for Brienne, developing slightly for Jaime. Well he has to come from a long way!

No. 3. Danaerys taking the sword to defend wounded Jorah (although with her hair always beautifully in place), she showed that she is more than just commanding for things to be done. She also showed more skill on the dragon than Jon/Aegon did.

No. 4. Sadly the hero of the all seasons Jon Snow now Aegon is disappointing. Upon knowing his identity he drops Danaerys like a hot potato, leaving her pretty puzzled. That is though to take for any woman, not to mention a QUEEN (Cleopatra style!). Truly now. I think he could have done better than that. For as though as that can be Jon should have gone to her, if not immediately—lets give him a sleepless night to digest—and tell her how things stand. Poor Danaerys! Instead she had to go down the crypt and get the mystery out of him. In any case the romance is over. I felt that for him it was infatuation, for her it was love. What can a Queen do when she realizes that much?

No. 5. Sansa showed so much compassion for Theon. They bonded during the terrible escape from Ramsey, but she is now a commander, a ruler, and a compassionate woman. Tyron said that they should have stayed married; she replies “you were the best of the three”—though not difficult to match and bypass the other two—it was a good answer. She needs a skilled mind, and he needs peace of the senses. He told his brother that his past spending time with whores is now over for good.

No. 6. Bronn. He has outlived his character. He should have died saving Jaime from the dragon in the previous season. We know Cersei wants her brothers dead, the following episodes are already full with events and characters to watch. No need for that.

No. 6. Cersei & Greyjoy. The stupid things women do because of loneliness. Greyjoy is such a unrefined character. Well not so much his habits and ruthless, but also his plain mind. There is no strategy, no cleverness, no intelligence whatsoever, he cannot measure up to a young Rob Stark, or Jaime, Tyrion, Sir Davos, or any of the ones still alive now.

Some more will die, I have six characters for which I hope survival. While in Winterfell they have only a little less than a week to clean up that mess! They have a whole lot of dead people to bury again, and prepare for the long winter that will come right after they are done fighting the Cersei and Greyjoy war.

Happy watching.

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

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