Apps in the “Italian” Kitchen

I only use a few Apps for cooking, drinks, and food, even if some are very nice indeed. Like the NYT Cooking, or the Jaime Oliver Apps, and others.

For Cooking

The one I use is Pepperplate, and I use it per my own customized purposes. It is practically a log of all my foods, and not just.

I also add the characteristics of condiments—like the various types of pepper (black, white, green…), the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils and purposes, I keep the drinks, and even centerpieces for the table.

When I add a particular recipe I then add notes on it as I go, and sometimes change it when I find a better methodology. Especially when it comes to complicated ones such as the Sourdough Starter (Lievito Madre).

I found that Apps tend to oversimplify an original recipe, and if sometimes that can be a plus, it is not always so. Besides, I think it is very important to know very well a recipe before attempting to simplify. Usually a search on internet or on the many books and magazines that I have works best.

Pepperplate is useful for me just to figure out ”what do I cook today..?” since pretty much everything I eat is there (except liver—Fegato alla Veneziana!), I also indulge and add my own photos when possible. Just for fun. ☺️

I do read “La Cucina Italiana” magazine, the on-line italian version; occasionally others too, but ”La Cucina” is the best for me.

For Drinking

Then I have just one more: Vivino. I use it to qualify all my wines. I kept the App account in English/US, therefore I get the prices in US$; I love to see how much a relatively affordable italian wine costs in the USA. 😉

My taste profile, although not that accurate; I’m a fan of Southern Italian Reds, and Oregon/California Pinot Noir!

For Health

Finally, to keep an eye on nutrition, the best App is MyFitnessPal; the only one with a complete database to cover both the USA and Italy (and probably other countries, but I didn’t try that).


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