Apps in the “Italian” Kitchen

I only use a few Apps for cooking, drinks, and food, even if some are very nice indeed. Like the NYT Cooking, or the Jaime Oliver Apps, and others.

For Cooking

The one I use is Pepperplate, and I use it per my own customized purposes. It is practically a log of all my foods, and not just.

I also add the characteristics of condiments—like the various types of pepper (black, white, green…), the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils and purposes, I keep the drinks, and even centerpieces for the table.

When I add a particular recipe I then add notes on it as I go, and sometimes change it when I find a better methodology. Especially when it comes to complicated ones such as the Sourdough Starter (Lievito Madre).

I found that Apps tend to oversimplify an original recipe, and if sometimes that can be a plus, it is not always so. Besides, I think it is very important to know very well a recipe before attempting to simplify. Usually a search on internet or on the many books and magazines that I have works best.

Pepperplate is useful for me just to figure out ”what do I cook today..?” since pretty much everything I eat is there (except liver—Fegato alla Veneziana!), I also indulge and add my own photos when possible. Just for fun. ☺️

I do read “La Cucina Italiana” magazine, the on-line italian version; occasionally others too, but ”La Cucina” is the best for me.

For Drinking

Then I have just one more: Vivino. I use it to qualify all my wines. I kept the App account in English/US, therefore I get the prices in US$; I love to see how much a relatively affordable italian wine costs in the USA. 😉

My taste profile, although not that accurate; I’m a fan of Southern Italian Reds, and Oregon/California Pinot Noir!

For Health

Finally, to keep an eye on nutrition, the best App is MyFitnessPal; the only one with a complete database to cover both the USA and Italy (and probably other countries, but I didn’t try that).

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

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