Camera Shopping

I am looking for a new camera and the first one to know is Facebook. 😁

I need to replace my old Canon, one because it is not working properly anymore, and two–and probably because of–I’m not using it as often as it weights too much on my shoulder, hence I often opt to take my little Leica instead.

Facebook knows that too! I get to see adds on the newest Canon (mirrorless). Being FB such a thoughtful company, they suggest the Sony mirrorless too, just in case I don’t know it yet that both Canon and Nikon are a little behind Sony when it comes to mirrorless.

FB knows also that I may be needing to get rid of my old Canon, therefore they showed me the store for the used camera near me. RCE in Padua.

But then FB got to know me even better and now they suggest the bridge camera that’s good for me. I was invited to like a bridge camera brand FB page, while in Instagram I’m seeing the pictures taken with that brand of bridge camera, and got invited to the groups for travel photography and classes too.

Now, if FB would just buy it for me and send it to my address, I would be grateful. Truly!

After all, what’s that money for wealthy Mr. Zuckerberg?

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

6 thoughts on “Camera Shopping

  1. Mr. Sugar Mountain is a spy, pure and simple. We dumped Facebook years ago. IF I wanted Mark to know everything about me, I would have him move in with us – BUT I DON’T…🙄😎


  2. …though they may not give you the original currency, I’m fairly sure they will extend you an FB credit line, which after all is likely more guaranteed that, say, any USD let alone EURO. More, no forms really to fill… they already know everything, even the trust with holding accounts in Uzbekistan. A simple ‘yes’ will suffice. More, it will be delivered within your favorite packaging color and latest from your favorite author. (That said…cannon has or had dropped off not a little.)

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    1. It did, didn’t? It used to be a good camera. Too bad. Anyway, I’m on my way to B&H in NY for a new camera. Can’t wait. What I’m using now is not enough for me, I’m getting frustrated with the limitations and results.

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