THE Place for a New Camera

As said before I was looking for a new camera (Camera Shopping), and I was also up for a trip to New York, and when in New York the best place to buy a new camera is B&H. (B&H Photo Video – Electronics and Camera Store, located at 420 Ninth Avenue at the intersection with West 34th Street.)

It is the best store I can think of, because they carry everything one can wish, from the amateur photographer that needs a ”point & shoot”, to the real Professional Photographer looking for the latest mirrorless cameras or high-quality lenses. Not to mention the section for the movie makers.

Looking at the busy employees at the store it reminded me of a cartoon I saw over Christmas many years ago. It was the Santa factory, all in full speed preparing and packing the presents and then ingeniously send them to be delivered via a carousel.

That’s what they do there. Pick your choice, and you’ll get a ticket to bring to a counter, where someone picks the right item and send it down via an ingenious conveyer belt to the cashiers on the main floor. There you go down, and firm a line again–but it moves fast–pay and get your prized possession.

I just wonder how much the total amount at the main cash registers is at the end of a single day.

I contributed somehow to B&H income, I bought a bridge camera, though I knew ahead of time what I wanted, I changed my mind slightly and settled for a previous model because it was considerably more light. Having a camera that makes me reluctant to take along because if its weight is no good. After all, the best camera is always the one that is with you.

I started to shoot right out of the box–just the time to charge it–with the setting as they were.

So far, so good!

PS: Facebook knew I was heading to B&H, but doesn’t yet know that I got it already, I still receive advertisements for best offers. 😉😊

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

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