Meet Carla

Yesterday I went to a vernissage by my friend Carla. I knew her work already, but I was delighted to see her big paintings displayed so well.

The vernissage was held in a furniture showroom, the paintings were the perfect finishing touch to the modern Made in Italy furniture.

Carla’s paintings are huge floral canvasses. Mostly acrylic on canvas, sometimes she does also some art with silk petals over a canvas (see below). They are pieces of great effect that need a rather big space to be best admired.


Carla Asquini was born in Udine, where she lives and has her studio. The passion for painting arose very early, and she started to draw landscapes, flowers, figures and portraiture.

After graduating from high school she went to Houston in Texas to attend the Academy of Painting by the Hungarian Master Lajos Markos (Marosvasarhely 1917- Houston 1993). There she learned the various techniques of drawing, the use of color and shapes to suit different subjects.

Back in Italy she worked closely with a well-known painter at the Center for Plastic Arts in her hometownn.

Carla participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy, in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Udine to name a few; but also in the United States, China, in Paris, Austria and Switzerland and most recently in Dubai.

See more about Carla here.

Her painting are beautiful, fascinating, and feminine. They are a perfect complement to any decor.

Carla’s message is to covey emotions and to call the bystander inside nature, made of purity, scents, lights and to transmit relaxation thanks to the harmony of colol and shapes.

See Carla Facebook page

The dark background hosting the soft and delicately colored silhouettes of the flowers acts as an emotional lighting and further emphasizes the artist’s long and tiring search for the importance of light, both from a technical and a personal research point of view on spirituality. The preference accorded to a theme is so difficult to achievee without falling into the commonplace or the already seen & done. We have instead a world of emotions and sensations that each of her works bring us.

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

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