A Roaring 2020

The last day of the year! 

This year is not just a new year,  it’s a new decade, who knows? maybe we’ll have the “roaring 20s” again!

What to say other than looking back at the decade past for an assessment. A decade that started with the release of the first-ever iPad! The ”#MeToo” movement; the total solar eclipse; the “Millions Women’s March”; two Royal Weddings; the “ice-bucket challenge.”  The USA financial crisis led to the European sovereign-debt crisis. The Arab Spring, and very worrisome some devastating earthquakes! 

The natural disasters are what concern me the most when I look ahead. 

The Plastic in my life

I consciously recycle and try to limit the use of plastic. Unfortunately, it is just to notice how much plastic I still bring to recycle when I take it to be collected. Therefore I plan to take more conscious measures towards limiting the use of plastic in my life. 

Commit to a more eco-friendly lifestyle

And just to stay on the subject of consumption, I plan to finish off everything in my pantry before doing the big monthly grocery shopping. Although I need to be careful with that package of polenta flour I have! Funny how some resolutions clash badly with other resolutions (losing weight… 😏)


Every year I make a list of x number of books I want to read. This year, however, I want to read x number of books that I already possess without buying new ones, nor downloading in my kindle. 

And Decluttering

I’m not a fan of Miss KondoI’m afraid that if I follow the advice of eliminating everything that doesn’t spark joy, my life will get very complicated—but seriously I want to do with less and eliminating possessions that are of no use to me anymore. I have many cookbooks. Some are quite old. They did serve me well, but they are now obsolete. I want to go thru them, write/try the dishes worth saving and then discard via recycling the book/magazine. And doing likewise with other possessions. I know how to find someone that can use and appreciate what I do not need anymore. 

Giving Good Judgement Opinions

I plan to limit my social media presence (we all know which ones) while increasing my contributions to GJO. The Good Judgement Project is active since early 2011, click here to know more. 

I was very active in 2014-15-16, then I started to do it less. But I noticed how much I had gained from it, and I started to miss it. So I’m going to be back on it actively. 

Moving Up a Notch on Hobbies

I want to take a photo a day to make a book by ear end (365 Days in Pictures). I did it in the past, and it is nice to see it again when the years go by. See below my “705 Days” before leaving my job and life in the USA. 

… and Reading the Manuals

As I acquired a new camera I’m committing to reading the manual cover-to-cover. They are boring but rewarding! 

Plus the One 

Then the one I think is the most difficult to achieve. Running again. I had a couple of adversities in the recent past. I was a runner and a hiker, but I broke my ankle during a trip to the Dolomites. Fine, I was determined to get back on my “foot” as soon as possible, but recovery was more complicated than expected. I still had some determination left, … until I also broke my left wrist! And that was even worse and more painful than the ankle. Now it is time to put all that behind, no matter how challenging it will be I want to run again!


I wish you all a wonderful roaring 2020

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

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