Blogging: Three Year Later

Considerations on my anniversary

I was reminded that I started this blog three years ago. They are in reality just two years since I had about a year gap (I see it as a sabbatical 😉). In reality, I had a series of accidents, and it is not easy to be creative with a broken arm and ankle. 

But the time was not all wasted

I got back eventually with more clarity, and eager to travel and see more.

Like most, I did not know exactly what was my scope, nor my capacity in telling the world about life in Italy; I knew I wanted to show Italy thru my pictures though. 

Eventually, writing became an exciting opportunity for me. I learned a lot more about subjects I thought I knew. I became curious about new places, customs and traditions, and history. 

Photographing Italy

I started to photograph not just for myself (well yes, that always), but also with consideration to what may be of interest for others. I visited new places with double enthusiasm, I researched history and facts; which ultimately enriched me with more knowledge, comprehension, and awareness. 

Feeling the Italian Heritage

I became so infinitely obliged and thankful to my country, Italy, a country that distinguishes itself first by its distinctive shape, but a country that like no other is so full of art and history. 

Italy’s peerless artistic patrimony is perhaps its most important asset; Italy is home to the greatest number of cultural Unesco World Heritage sites (50, with Germany in second place with 43. I would have thought the second one would be France!)

Italy is famous all over the world for its exceptional artistic heritage with museums containing works of exceptional beauty. Sculptures, frescoes, and paintings made by the greatest artists of history, from Leonardo to Michelangelo. Visited every year by millions of tourists, these museums are also hosted in historic buildings of great value.

What’s Next

Going forward, I would like to continue to tell my stories of Italy showing the well-known and the less known alike; hopefully stories with useful information, curiosities, and images to intrigue the curiosity for the seasoned visitor to a newcomer.

I have a lot of travels planned for this new year ahead, and a lot more to say about the great men and women that made Italy so great, so stay tuned. 

Finally, I wanted to express my gratitude with a big 

Thank You

all for reading and following my blog. 

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

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