COVID-19 Day One

Locked Down

Today is Day One of full restrictions in all of Italy.

It is very strange, not stressful really, but uncanny. I woke up to a rather silent than usual morning. That is because traffic is down a lot. I live close by some schools and a university, so the usual loud chattering of students leaving the building is missing.

The strangest thing is also the speed with which we found ourselves into this. A couple of weeks ago there were just a few cases, and then boom! We are all quarantined!

I do not feel stressed out because I did not rush out to stock up on items. Besides, this thing is going to be going on for a while, and to leave the house for some grocery shopping may become the big event of the day. So I’m leaving the toilet paper “reserves” for later.

Keeping Healthy

Who knows what will happen. None of my acquaintances have the virus right now, but who knows what the (immediate) future will bring. Healthy food may help along with extra doses of vitamin C.

Until Further Notice

There is some anxiety because we have no idea how long this is going to last. But then we are also fortunate because in Italy ALL have access to health care. All equally, rich or poor.

DOs & DON’Ts

🇮🇹 Here is a practical guide to what can be done and what cannot be done in Italy now and until further notice:

🚫 What to do with 37.5 ° (99.5), of fever?

Leaving the house is highly discouraged; for the infected, the ban is absolute.

🚫 Can I get out if I have just a little fever?

Those who have symptoms of a respiratory infection and fever above 37.5 ° (99.5), are strongly recommended to stay at home. Social contacts must be kept to a minimum and call the doctor to explain the situation to him. If returning from one of the areas of the world at risk indicated by the WHO, you must notify the ASL (health offices). Finally, who is in compulsory quarantine because he has been in contact with a patient or is positive for the test but has no symptoms, or has mild symptoms, has the absolute prohibition to move from home.

🚫 Can I accompany someone to the emergency room?

No, anyone who brings a relative or friend to the hospital must stay out unless doctors give him permission. But now there is also a stop for visitors in the structures dedicated to the elderly (retirement homes), such as long-term, rehabilitation, residential for non-self-sufficient and Hospice.

🚫 Can we move/travel?

All journeys must be avoided, with the exception of those motivated by proven work needs, situations of necessity, health reasons. In these cases, it will be necessary to show a self-certification of the reasons at the controls, which will be verified: in the case of false declarations, penalties are triggered.

Can I go to work?

Whenever possible, teleworking from home should be preferred. Employers are recommended to “promote the use by employees of ordinary leave and vacation periods”. Conferences and meetings must also be replaced by conference calls or remote calls.

🚫 When will schools reopen?

Lessons – in schools and universities – are suspended until April 3, with an encouragement to distance learning.

How to behave outside the home?

The golden rule is to respect the safety distance of at least one meter between people, everywhere. Wash your hands often and never touch your nose, eyes and mouth.

Can I go shopping?

The ‘situations of necessity‘ provided for by the decree include shopping for food, medical products, basic necessities, which must be carried out by one person per family and which is requested to be carried out as close as possible to the home. The supply of goods will always be guaranteed, so there is no need to rush to “stock up” at night, Commercial activities remain open but with quota entrances to avoid crowding; if there are structural or organizational conditions that do not allow compliance with the safety distance, the structures must be closed. In any case, shopping malls and hypermarkets will be closed on the weekend.

🚫 Can I visit friends and relatives?

The logic of the decree, specifies that there is a limit to unnecessary travel, therefore also visits to friends, family lunches and “visits for a coffee” should be avoided. A phone call is to be preferred.

Can I go to the bar?

Bars and restaurants will be open from 6 am to 6 pm; with an obligation to guarantee compliance to the safety distance of at least one meter between customers. In case of violation, the suspension of the activity takes place.

Can I go to the pharmacy?

Pharmacies are open normally: as in any other place, the rule of not creating crowds at the checkout or at the counter is valid.

🚫 Can I play sports?

All gyms, sports centers, swimming pools are closed – even the thermal/SPA ones. The sports facilities can only be used for the training sessions of athletes, professionals and non-professionals, recognized by a federations of national interest, in view of their participation in the Olympic games or in national and international events. Competitions and events will be held behind closed doors, without an audience.

🚫 Can I go skiing?

The ski lifts are closed in all regions.

🚫 Can I go to the movies/cinema?

All meeting places such as cinemas, theaters, dance schools, discos, game rooms, betting rooms and bingo halls are closed. Museums, art galleries and cultural centers, social and leisure centers and wellness centers are also closed.

Can I go to the mall?

Yes, but only on working days, and always paying attention to lines.

Stay Healthy and Wash your Hands

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Day One

  1. Noi nonni dedichiamo molto tempo ai nipoti , 4 e 8 anni, che non vanno a scuola; almeno questo lo vedo come un lato positivo


    1. I miei nipotini, 2 e 7 anni, non sono vicini purtroppo. Ma io riesco a trovare qualche cosa di positivo in molte situazioni, inclusa questa.
      Tanti auguri e laviamoci le mani.


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