The Silver Lining of COVID19

Italy is on its 3rd week of FULL STOP, and going!

For as bad as this Virus is there is a silver lining to it:

In Fact

In just a few days we have solved the problem of traffic, pollution, food waste, gambling addiction, and the invasion of migrants.

Italians in the near future will stop arguing about when they can retire.

Italy will see great improvements in terms of tax evasion and traceability of payments.

Finally, digitalization and computer literacy was encouraged, given a strong boost to e-commerce, and launched smart working (WFH), and e-learning even to the most hostile.

We have given soccer ⚽️🏀 the importance it deserves, while increased reading of books and newspapers, watching movies, and rediscovered the pleasure of healthy home cooking and gardening.

We discovered ourselves as lovers of physical activity and the outdoors.

We have become more supportive, more sociable and eager to interact with others. When the doorbell rings: “…who the fuck is it now” has been replaced by a pleasant adrenaline jolt: “WOW, I wonder who’s ringing my bell????” 🥰

We have empowered citizens to comply with the rules instead of looking the other way, we have learned to queue neatly and wash our hands.

We spend much more time with our children and our partners, perhaps within a year, we will have solved the demographic problem as well.

We have rehabilitated scientists, and actual skills, swept away no-vax and various conspiracy theorists, we have detoxified the transmission of information from politicians’ useless parlor quarrels.

Thefts, robberies and other crimes reduced to the bone, trafficking and drug dealing have collapsed.

Now we just have to solve the coronavirus bullshit and Italy will be on top of things.

A thank you note for the friend that sent me this story.

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

3 thoughts on “The Silver Lining of COVID19

  1. Agree with the silver linings. As a librarian & home edder I have been fighting for years for public access to many educational resources that have all now become open access – I hope they stay that way. Stay safe and well x


    1. Oh yes, we all hope to at least all those good things. But seriously, since this thing is ravaging all western world now, I read in more than one source that it will leave behind a new reality. Hopefully for the better. Thank you for your comment. Stay safe, stay home.

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