Italians; The Bread Makers!

Italians–bakers, pastry chefs, and pizza makers 

The coronavirus mandatory reclusion has opened the ovens of kitchens all over Italy and the favorite pastime of men and women has become “kneading” at full blast!

The Results 

For days in most supermarkets, the yeast stocks have been depleted, just like the masks in the pharmacies. And so after listening to the virologist experts, the social networks are now filled with expert bakers, each ready to give ideal techniques for the “homemade yeast.” 

But not all of them are effective. It is very important to follow precise directions from good sources. 

However, to always have yeast to pursue our newest found passion, it is best to create the sourdough, the compound which, when re-fed, can last for several months. To make bread at home is best to have your own sourdough, which is relatively simple to make.


First of all, we need a cylindrical glass, jar, or plastic container, since being a culture of wild bacteria and yeasts, it produces a high degree of acidity and reacts negatively to certain metals. It can be started with water and flour, only. 

First Wash your Hands 

(as recommended these days)


My methods

  • 100 gr of flour (multipurpose)
  • 100 gr of water (Mineral, even sparkling; it is important that the water is not chlorinated)

By mixing well the above ingredients and transferring them into the clean container, and taking care to absorb lots of air like oxygen, which is a great ally at this stage. 

Once this is done, it must be covered with a cheesecloth, and placed it in the warmest possible environment, quiet and away from other foods. 

There are numerous recipes to follow (this is just one), and it is not really difficult. Although the temperatures do play a role in the outcome, now it is the perfect season for it. 

After about 14 days the sourdough will be ready when in just 3 or 4 hours it is doubling in volume. 


Once the starter is ready, from it we can take a piece to make the yeast we need. To understand if the yeast is ready, after rest, you can do a test: take a piece and put it in a container full of water, if it floats immediately, then it is ready. 

Once the sourdough is ready, all we need to do is to give vent to the imagination and the culinary art with desserts, bread, pizzas, and focaccia.

Happy Baking


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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

3 thoughts on “Italians; The Bread Makers!

  1. Thanks! Here in America flour is gone from the shelves as well as toilet paper. It seems that everybody is a pastry chef now, even those too dimwitted to make pancakes a month ago. 🙄


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