A Quarantine of Hoax and Bread

Hoax (& Fake News)

In Italian, they are called “bufale.” I had no idea where and when that word came about. I used to think that bufala was referring to that special mozzarella, only. 

BUFALA” can be traced back to the term “dis-information”, as Claire Wardle explains in the “Council of Europe report DGI (2017) 09”, ie it is considered false and deliberately designed to create havoc and damage image, reputation and economic damage to people, social groups, organizations, companies or countries.


Unfortunately, in a moment so serious for Italy in particular, and for the whole world, the debate is polluted by a flood of hoaxes and endless inaccuracies. 

Considering the Italian position with respect to the Council of Europe, the ECB, and the EU and its State members, such inaccuracies can put our representatives in a position of embarrassment and weakness.


The “Noise” is Deafening

It is very depressing and even tiresome to read the daily news. 

Italians are suddenly experts policymakers, economists, virologists, doctors, governors, and of course able politicians. The repeated and annoying attacks on an allied country are a short-sighted strategy before a meeting in which aid to economies is discussed.


Bread & Cakes

On a Minor Issue 

If we want to switch from the political noise, then there is nothing but bread and cakes; all homemade of course.  

I’m not so taken by sweets, I do not like the very creamy deserts, nor the excessively sweet ones, therefore all that display of luscious deserts really fed me up (appropriately so).

These past weeks I feel like I gained weight just by looking at the daily production in display on social outlets, of bread, pizzas, and desserts. When this virus is over I don’t want to hear about cooking anymore, just healthy feeding. 

I wouldn’t like to hear about fake news either, but that is a very high call. 


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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

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