Post COVID (is it really “post?”)

I’m not totally sure that we are now a “Post COVID” country.

Surely the graph below is encouraging, but we are all concerned about a new spike in contagion in the fall, or as a consequence of the few tourists arriving from other EU countries to our beaches (well, ”few” relative to previous years influx of tourism); and how are we coping?

COVID cases to June 27

Coping With Post-COVID

I believe the feeling is mixed. There are die-hard deniers, there are the super prudent with masks even in ”Plein air”, there are those not going to public space, and there are those getting way too close.

Majors’ of numerous cities took the most welcomed decision to close off to traffic the downtown, creating vast pedestrian areas and giving bars and restaurants plenty of space to expand.

So the are newly created spaces for dining Alfresco, with beautiful backdrops of historic buildings. We are so lucky!

Likewise there are now more bike lanes, and an added tranquillity to our cities.

Right now we are just keeping our fingers crossed, 🤞while we watch with a lot of concern the raising numbers in other countries.


Yes, There are guidelines for travelling to EU, and Italy in this page in the EU Webpage;


I believe they want to launch an App as well, I didn’t find it yet, though.

In any case in the list below are the countries that cannot travel to the EU:

– United States,

– Russia,

– Israel,

– Brazil,

– Saudi Arabia and

– Turkey are the “bad guys“.

Although, I’m not sure why India is not included.

☝️Please note that, the United Kingdom, where the pandemic unfortunately continues to record high contagion rates, is not in the bad-guys list: despite Brexit, in fact, during the transition period UK is still formally part of the EU and is treated as a member country.

I do hope this thing is over soon, so that people can travel to Italy agaiin. Italy is too beautiful and full of art and history to be kept for us only.

“Italy, and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy.”

– Bertrand Russell

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

3 thoughts on “Post COVID (is it really “post?”)

    1. Si. E io temo pure una ricaduta tra un po’ di tempo data la situazione drammatica negli States.
      Ci sono tante scettici sul vaccino, ma se ci sarà io sarò tra le prime a farlo.
      Ho anche fatto il download della App “Immuni”.
      Se ci vogliono controllare non gli serve la app immuni, basta il bancomat. E comunque. Non ho nulla da nascondere. Mi piacerebbe il contrario, purtroppo la mia vita è alquanto mediocre e prevedibile. 😉😌

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