Brisighella and the Donkeys

Why Visiting Brisighella

First because it is part of the “Most Beautiful Villages,” then because it is cute, lot of history, dates back to medieval times, and there is an intriguing story about donkeys!

The town—a hamlet really—is located at the foot of three chalk pinnacles on which rest the 15th century Rocca Manfrediana, the Tower of the clock of the nineteenth century, and the Sanctuary of Monticino (above) of the eighteenth century.

The village, made up of a maze of cobbled streets and stairs carved in rock, encloses the ancient Via del Borgo better known as Via degli Asini (Donkeys Street), for the shelter that offered to the animals of the birocciai.

Biroccio is [was] a two-wheels cart normally dragged by two oxen or donkeys, very traditional in the middle area of italy; birrocciai were the people transporting goods this way by profession

Via Degli Asini

It is an elevated and covered road illuminated by arches of different widths.

Surprisingly, along this way you’ll find now nice residencies, with beautiful well cared doors that lead to private residencies or offices like the local Doctor, Lawyer, and so on. 

It was so different from anything is ever saw that it made quite an impression. 

Rocca Manfrediana

Brisighella is on different levels and with quite an amount of steps to get anywhere. Locals however, seemed quite unconcerned about their going around carrying groceries, baby strollers, and whatever else. 

They were all fit though, and with strong lungs and heart, I’m sure!

Talking About Lungs

I recommend taking the stairs up to the Rocca Manfrediana, it is not that bad after all. 😊, and next to the Tower of the Clock—this second part is easy—the view will reward you for the effort. 

For lovers of gastronomy, Brisighella offers a wide choice.

The main product is the DOP extra virgin olive oil “Brisighello.”

But if you have going around Emilia Romagna and didn’t taste a “piadina” yet, this is the place where you can sit down for one lunch break with “piadina, prosciutto, and squaccherone!

Squacquerone di Romagna PDO, a fresh, sweet, sourish cheese with a somewhat salty note, symbol of a land rich with food and wine and dairy traditions.

Brisighella is located in the territory Terre di Faenza, a set of places, cities, villages, traditions and culture that best interpret the typical spirit of the people of Romagna.

Faenza a pretty little town with a Renaissance Piazza, (just 13 km away), an ancient city once famous for its ceramic art. 

And, Riolo Terme (12 km away), custodian of thermal springs that spring from the meanders of the chalky vein. Should you want to stop for dinner or lunch, Trattoria da Giovanna is a nice inviting (and cheerful) place!

Brisighella, Faenza, Riolo terme

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

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