Dream Castles

Time to Draw those Bridges!

Done with the battles, territories defended, done with Guelphs and Ghibellines, done also with feudal lords and dark Middle Ages, courts and cannons all are finished; now Italy finds itself with a landscape full of very beautiful castles too often forgotten.

An Italian Treasure to Discover

Castles are a unique treasure, second in numbers only to the churches. Fortunately every year there are the “National Days of Castles,” when Castles open their doors—and/or gates—to give their residences a cultural and scientific value. And everybody gets a chance to visit. 

Castello Badoglio

Castle Badoglio currently owned by the Badoglio Dukes, like most Italian historic sites,  dates back to 1258, and eventually became a disputed imperial outpost in the Venetian territory. The current building, developed from a fortress to an eighteenth-century villa; and today we can still admire some important architectural elements, such as the tower-gate and the moats. 

A Dream Wedding 

The Castle is lovingly cared for by the Duke Alessandro Badoglio and his wife Maria Clotilde. Other than welcoming guests once a year for the “Open Castles” days, they lend their beautiful rooms for weddings and other events. 

If you want to overdo Tom Cruise, then this venue is the right place. Of course they have a beautiful private chapel if one wants to do things in a traditional way. Then there are exquisite rooms for entertainment to suit every dreaming bride. But if you really want to say “… take that Tom Cruise!” Just move outside to the most beautiful park ever.

In fact the villa is surrounded by a large English park, admirably crossed by crystalline spring waters, whose first arrangement could date back to the early years of this century. The park has some wooden bridges here & there to make even Monet jealous!

This is one of the most beautiful parks I ever saw because it shines of its own beauty, not simply because it is well-manicured or cared for, but because nature was most generous there.


The Castle is about an hour and half by car from Venice Airport; that way one can arrive in style like George and Amal! See below the address and a map.

There is a dedicated website, to know more: Castello di Flambruzzo and a Facebook Page as well.

Via Stella, 4, 33050 Rivignano Teor UD


Maria Clotilde Antonietti Badoglio



Email: info@castellodiflambruzzo.it

Castello di Flambruzzo

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

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