It’s Back!

COVID is Back with Revenge

Not as drammatic as in France, but still worrisome. See the graphic below dated October 11th.

Courtesy of @ilSole24

Once again the region with the highest rate of infection is Lombardy, the Veneto region is also high up. While the cities with most infections are:

  • Milan (again);
  • Torino;
  • Brescia;
  • Bergamo (again);
  • Rome;
  • Naples;
  • Genova;
  • Bologna;
  • Verona

The trend is for now more contained than in other EU countries, and the median age is stable (an important fact, because the rise would probably cause an increase in the number of deaths). And we do hope that the “trend” continues to be CONTAINED!

It seems that pretty much everybody is wearing a mask.

… also while biking

Well there are a few loons that took to the Roman streets to protest the mask imposition, because they claim to know better.

and while smoking a cigar…

The rest prefer to abide by the ordinance, as long as our good behaviour will avoid another lock down which would be disastrous for our economy, and also our health and sanity. Another lock down scares me a lot 😳!

As it is, there are a lot of limitations already; in my street there are a private school with children from pre-schoolers, to junior high; and a University. That’s a lot of people walking by and a lot of gatherings.

There is an App called ”Immuni” that should help to keep track of contagions. Unfortunately in these times of cheap information people do not download it for fear that the whereabouts are being monitored (yet going to the ATM and other places where notoriously there are cameras to check the in & outs). Not to mention the FB posts with all their political views.

I like to be on the techno side; I do have Immuni, besides eating up a lot of batteries, it works well. It would be better if more people would use it.

I also have the App–via Apple watch–that reminds me to wash my hands now & then, and especially after I’ve been out. And I like that too, but I often wonder how prudent I am in my daily life and whereabouts.

I am so ready for 2021!

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

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