Cooking the Day After

There is more than Christmas Day in Italy. We also have St. Stephen Day, a full-fledged holiday. In pre-COVID days it would be still a day with family, maybe the less immediate family. A good day, less stressful. Although this COVID year (after all our past complaining about a too much commercialized Christmas), with the early closure of the stores and reccomendations to stay home, most of the holiday rush to spend is gone and Christmas resembled a little more to the “good old days.” That is not a bad thing, I’ll say!

In the old days, most of the cooking efforts were concentrated on the 25th, St. Stephen would get a lesser budget, but not a lesser menu! Usually made out of leftovers, and that is how the tortellini came about!

On Christmas Day, I got a bottle of wonderful Ribolla Gialla, bubbly like the most famous Prosecco, so I decided to use part of it (the leftover), to make a risotto. And because I recently started an affinity with Curcumin, I decided that it was a good day for a risotto with Curcumin.

[See Ribolla Gialla by Collavini Winery]

Pretty much the same way the Milanese saffron risotto is made. It was good!

This recipe from FineCooking is perfect for a risotto with Saffron, or Milanese. Just substitute saffron with curcumin (about a teaspoon), and prosecco instead of white wine. Even champagne if you are so inclined.

Then there is always the panettone to finish. One way is for breakfast, but if there is some of the leftover cream from the Tiramisú, then the panettone is getting an interesting second opportunity at the table.

Happy, safe, and healthy holidays to all.

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

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