Mimosas for Meghan

As we celebrate International Women’s Day,  #IWD2021,  I would like to give a Mimosa to Meghan [Markle].

Not because she married a Prince, nor because she is a Duchess. 

But because of all the online bullying she has been subjected since she started dating her now-husband until now.

These days she is again mercilessly bullied in all Social Media platforms. The leading articles are misleading information and the comments below are horrific!

Newspapers and journalists are guilty of all the wave of bad comments. What possessed them to write such nasty words?

And it is all utter nonsense, based on nothing. Any journalist knows that “a source close to the Palace,” means no source whatsoever. 

A tourist snapping a photo at the gates of Buckingham Palace is “… A source close to the Palace!”

Equally guilty is FB, by allowing the perpetuating of all the bullying. Bill Gates (while reviewing a book), highligh­ted the distinctions of FB: ”… In connecting family and friends around the world!” 

A very small good deed compared to the inflammatory, racist, hateful comments that populate every article that just mention her name. 

(and not just her…)

A flower also because I think it is high time for the Royal Family to break with the tradition of remaining silent. A statement saying that there is no bad blood between the brothers and the entire Royal Family, wouldn‘t tarnish The Crown’s Jewels.

Be well and be strong Meghan I do not know you, but no one should ever be subjected to such hostility.

Just my thoughts! 

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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

2 thoughts on “Mimosas for Meghan

    1. Yes, I had seen it. And I also incurred in the stream of hateful replies to his tweet.
      Sometimes one wonders what kind of people are we made of?
      It needs to stop!


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