eBike—A New Way to Visit Italy

A Fantastic Way to Visit Italy

There is more and more enthusiasm for alternatives ways to visit Italy. eBikes made it even easier for everybody to take up long tours along off-the-beaten paths of Italian landscapes.

My most recent trip was from Mantova to Peschiera on the Garda Lake with an eBike. 45km (about 38 miles) along the River Mincio and across the Parco del Mincio

The path is easy to follow and well marked, in any case it was also crowded enough that one would never get lost, for sure.

I must say that sometimes there are the Lance Amstrong(s) of the weekend thinking they are competing on the Tour de France, a little kindnes is welcomed on bike paths too (a problem common pretty much everywhere, I’m afraid). 

But that said, the tour was just beautiful, also blessed by a sunny day and not too hot either. 

The bike lane from Mantova has an elevation of about 96 mt (on the sea level), but it is not perceived while pedaling. All along the way there are places to where to stop for a capuccino break, lunch, or even B&Bs to stop overnight.

Bike Renting

I got the eBike from BIKEXPERIENCE in Mantua; I did not need a guide, but if so the company provides a guide as well, and they have a pick up service for the eBikes upon arrival in Peschiera (Garda Lake).

It is very easy to adjust the eBike to the level of “help” necessary, and sometimes it is only needed on elevation points; therefore it is easy to understand the growing enthusiasm for this new way to spend a day, a long weekend, or even the entire vacation just cycling around.

Bike Lanes

Bike Lanes are growing all around Italy. Some are very ambitious because of lenght (Switzerland —> Brindisi), others because of elevation (Circling the Garda Lake); others are very popular for the breathtaking views along the way (Garda Lake again, Tuscany, and Trentino, which seems to be very popular).

Deciding which one to choose is not difficult. There is an App for this—Bike Square—where one can see the tours, schedule a tour, and make reservations for an eBike. 

I must say that I strongly recommend this new way to visit a country, it is enjoyable, healthy, and most importantly eco-friendly.


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I lived the most part of my life in Washington DC, now in Italy getting to know again my country. Plenty of surprises, for good and bad, and lots of nostalgia for DC.

3 thoughts on “eBike—A New Way to Visit Italy

    1. e stands for Electric Bike 🚴, if you are inviting me to use less “Anglophones” I’m afraid that is the most common term these days;
      If instead you are inviting me to use the traditional 🚲 then I’ll confess that once I was close to Peschiera I found the “help” very welcome to make it to the steepest leg of the path.
      But, I am coveting the Garda Path, and that one, I’m sure you know, it is out of reach with an ordinary bike.


      1. By the way, I know you are all for keeping the traditions, but—take my word—you will do your cardio with an eBike as well. Maybe even more if you keep it off because it weight far more than a traditional bike.


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