About myself

When I’m asked where I’m from, I’m always at loss. I actually don’t know which place is my place. I lived many years in Washington, DC. I do consider myself a Washingtonian. I was born in Padova and in the house we always speak the Veneto dialect. So I feel “Veneta”, but I don’t feel Padova as my town. I had my formative years in Udine, but then I lived for some important years in Vicenza, and have great affection for that pretty city. I think I can say that I’m a Washingtonian from Northern Italy, presently residing in Udine. That should do. 

About this Blog

Short stories that I share about living in Italy the culture, the history and the seasonality of Italian cuisine, the glorious foods, the lifestyle, travels—while avoiding the obvious destinations—or at least a look from an insider point of view.

I do this because I also like to take photographs to show what I think it is worth sharing. All photographs are mine, see my Instagram