Rocket Pesto

How to taste the rocket The best way to eat rocket is—as with all vegetables—to eat it fresh. Try to wash it well and buy only the one with the green leaves and not yellowed; if you keep it in the fridge, remember to dry it well after cleaning it and to keep it in […]

Attila’s Throne, Hemingway Book, and Other Myths

Torcello History Its history has very ancient origins, so much so that, through some testimonies received, it can be affirmed with certainty that it was inhabited since the times of the Roman Empire. An island that every year attracts the attention of tourists from every corner of the world, thanks to its enormous archaeological and […]

Luciana Octopus

It is not Luciana’s Octopus. Instead the dish owes its name to the village of S. Lucia, one of the most ancient and characteristic neighborhoods of Naples, famous in the past for being a fishermen’s area called the Luciani, today the neighborhood is one of the most famous districts of Naples. The Luciana octopus recipe […]

Acqua Fresca!

There is nothing like summer to entice you to prepare healthy and tasty drinks. So fresh and refreshing that are good for your health just looking at them. Always with natural and tasty fresh fruits, but also vegetables, and herbs. Always different according to what is available at the moment. Today it was “Almond Apricot” […]