Reading Italy

Italy may be the most European of countries. Rome was the capital of an empire that encircled the most faraway corners of the continent. Italy gave us the Renaissance and the foundations of modern western culture. It was in Rome where the signing of the European Union’s founding treaty happened. Italy, a peninsula that immediately distinguishes […]

Venice Biennale

It is possible to visit or go back to the visit to the Biennale Arte di Venezia 2019 until November 24th (every day except Mondays). In the first five of the opening of this fifty-eighth edition, there have been numerous insights that the press and critics have turned to the choices of the New York […]

Wine Labels

Little attention is dedicated to the artistic side of the wine label. Yet the labels are designed with care, research, and talent by many artists whose name is nowhere to be seen. There are many remarkable labels, both, for the Italian production, and international. Italian wines, particularly those most renowned, tend to maintain traditional labeling […]