Nothing Like Eggplant Parmigiana to Kick the Season

Melanzane – Eggplants Eggplants (Melanzana in Italian), is native to India. Although there are innumerable documents that demonstrate the cultivation of eggplant in the area of Southeast Asia since prehistoric times, it seems that in Europe it was unknown until the sixteenth century. The spread in Europe of names derived from Arabic and the lack […]

Winter Roses for Salad

Fifty Shades of Red Starting January there are a lot of varieties of red-colored salads. They are called Radicchio  (pronounced: RadiKKjo), Radicchio a variety of the leafy chicory) Cichorium intybus var. foliosum) is a perennial plant commonly used in Italian cuisine. It is grown as a leaf vegetable and usually has white-veined red leaves. Radicchio has a bitter and spicy taste, which mellows if […]