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Spätzle (pronunciation: [‘ʃpɛt͡slə] – the term in German dialect means small sparrows), are irregularly shaped dumplings made from soft wheat flour, eggs and water (sometimes beer or milk is used instead of water), originating in southern Germany, also very common in Tyrol, Alsace and Switzerland, Trentino-Alto Adige. They were always popular in my family because […]

Vicenza (Part II) the View from the Hills

While in Vicenza one thinks of Palladio’s beautiful Palazzi, and the—in my modest opinion—most beautiful theatre of all times—Teatro Olimpico, and Villa Almerico Capra Valmarana known as La Rotonda. And all that is surely worth the time of tourists, Art lovers, and connoisseurs.  Monte Berico However as the season opens up, the temperatures are milder, […]