Venice Biennale

It is possible to visit or go back to the visit to the Biennale Arte di Venezia 2019 until November 24th (every day except Mondays). In the first five of the opening of this fifty-eighth edition, there have been numerous insights that the press and critics have turned to the choices of the New York […]

Bar – Pasticceria – Caffè (or all of the above)

It is a little confusing to understand what is what for what we commonly call “bar.” Definition: A public place, where beverages or soft food, can be consumed, either seated or standing. Bar, is the genetic name for the place where you can get your “espresso”. But then there is “Bar Pasticceria”, “Caffè… followed by […]

No Way, Bartolomeo!

Bartolomeo Colleoni (1400 – 2 November 1475) was an Italian condottiere—in other words a mercenary—who became captain-general of the Republic of Venice. Colleoni was not Venetian by birth, born in the countryside of Bergamo (then part of the Duchy of Milan), his family views differed from the ones of the Visconti, and the Sforza (Francesco and Galeazzo), rulers of Milan at the time. Hence […]